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Everything about Trade Licence

The UAE, and particularly its capital Abu Dhabi, is a great place to start a company and establish your business. The reason behind it is the government’s efforts in promoting bilateral ties and trade with almost every nation in the world.

Understanding What is Abu Dhabi Trade License

A Abu Dhabi license is the documentation that is required by a company or individual to be allowed to carry out commercial activities in the UAE. The process is regulated and conducted through the supervision of the Department of Economic Development (DED). Once you have acquired the license, you will be given permission to do the following activities.

Following activities you can do after getting Trade License:

Import and export your goods with other nations

Take part in a number of commercial related activities

Let the masses know of your services and products through advertisements

If you are new to the Emirates, we recommend getting help from an expert business setup consultancy in UAE to help you acquire the trade license. This will streamline the process and help you avoid any cultural barriers or legal complications.

How to Get Abu Dhabi Trade License?

Do you know how to get abu dhabi trade license? The steps are relatively straightforward, but you may run into trouble if you are unaware of how to tackle each step. A business setup consultant will help you through all of these steps:

Required Documents for Trade License

Certificate of trade name

Shareholders signed licensing form

Copies of the passports of all shareholders

Copy of naturalization certificate

A letter from the Ministry of Economy and Planning that authorizes the company formation

Copy of your residence permit

A letter approving proposed business activities signed by the authorities

Clearance and no objections from your local sponsor in the form of a letter

A copy of your Memorandum of Association with said local sponsor

A copy of the letter from your bank that authenticates the claimed finances of the company

A copy of your tenancy contract

Trade Licence

Everything about trade name registration in UAE?

Trade name is the official name of a business. Trade name registration is the first step of company registration in UAE

Company name registration in UAE does provides an identity to the business. However, as per the UAE commercial law

The systematic and well-organized PRO services in Abu Dhabi calls for a very dedicated team that work towards getting the formalities met in a smooth way. Maxhome provides value-added PRO service in Abu Dhabi to help foreign companies and immigrants get all the proper clearances with respect to passport, license and the other legal necessities.

The market in Abu Dhabi is excellent for foreign companies to set up various lines of business. PRO services in Abu Dhabi that we offer caters to all the related services for Visa and passport clearance, Labor & Immigration Services, Corporate Support Services, General Audit Services, Trademark Registration and Retainership Services and other services related to the corporate licensing and trademarks.

Why is a trade name registration in UAE?

Trade name registration is nothing but company name registration in UAE’s Economic Department. Registering your company’s trade name with approvals by the Department of Economic Development is mandatory.

What is the time required for trade name registration?

Trade name registration do not take more than 24 hours and the company name can be reserved within a day.

Types of trade name registrations not approved by the DED

• Trade name registration basically means that you are reserving a name for your company. Similar trade name must not be registered by other commercial entity. Trade names need to be unique, if a duplicate name is registered authorities will not approve of it.

• A trade name is not registered in the UAE if the trade name breaches the public order or moral. Also, misleading trade names are not approved by the DED authority. The DED ensures that the company name registration in UAE must be done in accordance to the commercial activity.

• The business owner must also ensure that the trade name registration does not contain the name of “Allah” (God) or any other religious names. Trade name registrations affiliated with the ruling authority are also not allowed.

How to register trade name in UAE?

Trade name registration in UAE can be done simply by filling up an application with the Economic Department. However, documents need to be submitted along with the application and trade name reservation fees must be paid at the counter.

You can register your trade name online as well as offline in the UAE. If you would like Maxhome Business Group to register the trade name with the Economic Department, we can do it in the easiest ways.

What is the trade name registration fees?

Trade name registration fees in UAE may differ depending on the Economic Department; the Emirates you decide to register your business and the trade name that you choose.

If you would like to know the trade name registration fees in any other Emirates of UAE or want to know new company registration fee in UAE, speak with our expert

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Trade name registration


It requires that UAE corporate entities must be at least 51% owned by a UAE national or by an entity that is wholly owned by UAE nationals. Foreign investors that wish to register a mainland company in Abu Dhabi must therefore pass 51% of their shares to a local Emirati sponsor.


As the PRO (Public Relations Officer), you will ensure that all employees joining this organisation comply with UAE Government regulations and employment laws. You will work with the human resources team and have full responsibility for all labour law related matters.


Trade name registration in UAE can be done simply by filling up an application with the Economic Department. However, documents need to be submitted along with the application and trade name reservation fees must be paid at the counter. You can register your trade name online as well as offline in the UAE.